Snail Bob Making Himself Some Dinner

Have you ever wanted a compelling and fun side scrolling puzzle game where the main protagonist is a snail named bob? Sounds a little specific, I know, but you can have exactly that when you click onto Snail Bob. It is an iconic puzzle, adventure game where you follow around the snail as he makes his way through different levels with different objects blocking his way. Your job? To make sure that he reaches his end destination without getting hurt or thrown off course.

This game has been around since 2010 and has released about eight different versions of the game since then, all of them being released within 4 years of each other. And on top of that, the developers also have 2 mobile versions of the game so that you can take Snail Bob with you wherever you go!

The plot of the games are quite different from other games that you may have seen on the internet. The first game starts with Snail Bob making himself some dinner when his home is destroyed by a wrecking ball. The rest of the game you are going on an adventure through the construction zone and eventually, at the end, you find your new home.

The plot of the second game is that Bob is invited to a birthday party for this grandpa snail and so he put together a nice gift and heads out on his journey to the party. You go through different terrain and at the end, you get to give your gift to grandpa for his birthday.

The third game gets a little odd when Bob sets off a time machine and gets launched into Egypt and has to fight off mummies and avoid traps. He returns home at the end of the game with another gift for grandpa, this time it’s a Genie Lamp.

The story continues for 5 more games, all of which have a different plot and adventure for you to go on with this little snail. You might find yourself wondering how a snail could get himself into situations like this, but you have fun nonetheless.

It’s a great game for kids who are looking for something fun to play, and it’s also a great game for adults if you just want to enjoy something random and cute for a few hours. You can play the games straight from the SnailBob website or you can download the HTML and insert Bob into your site so that others can enjoy him too.