Online Flash Games Are Still Hot Even With The Present

Online Flash Games

Online Flash Games are still hot even with the present of massive online games for a simple reason; people still playing them. First are the people like me, who don’t like to think while playing and play the games only to distract themselves from the world for a bit. Everyday when I come from work to home, my home laptop is the first place that I visit and I only do this to play a game or read news about sport. That poor Laptop never have felt its keys beside A W S D have been pushed that much. Flash games normally don’t have learning curve or complexity. I can not learn how to play a game anymore. I need something to just forgot how bad traffic was and why my boss was more nagging than yesterday. playing a complex game like WOW is not an option at that moment for me and it wasn’t for many years now.

The second group are children who may very soon be attracted to other games but any experience they gain from playing a game will soon be a memory and carve into their brain as an entertainment. It’s just an opportunities for game makers, attract audience at very early age and they are fans for ever. Children shake Internet in a very strange way. the first person who put a video of opening toys package on YouTube is now a millionaire! who would ever thought of that. you go and invest millions of dollar on a game and finally get back nothing but that guy bought a toy package for 1.99$ and opened is in from camera and almost one billion views he got. Children as audience are terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Flash was just brilliant at the time that it was introduce first and for years is was always better with each version. I think Flash games will be part of Internet for foreseeable future.